musi pi mani ala. musi lon lipu pona. sina ken musi li wile pana ala e nimi sina. lipu li jo ala e sitelen mani. lipu li kepeken ala e ilo namako. sina ken musi tawa ilo sona anu tawa jan pona anu tawa jan ken.
o musi! o lukin e musi Training musi ale jan musi kulupu ma toki TV
jan pi mute ? li lon
 tawa linja pi tenpo sin
 toki pona
musi pi ale ala (0)



kartago 1690
Ahaanomegas 1096


JackBauer 1890
Decoder 1833
majstorsreja 1830
SenatorDakotaFanning 1743
probando 1709
eo 1679
prob4 1589
And 5 more


pbeccari 1662
sasanmaster 1337
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