musi pi mani ala. musi lon lipu pona. sina ken musi li wile pana ala e nimi sina. lipu li jo ala e sitelen mani. lipu li kepeken ala e ilo namako. sina ken musi tawa ilo sona anu tawa jan pona anu tawa jan ken.
o musi! o lukin e musi Training musi ale jan musi kulupu ma toki TV
jan pi mute ? li lon
 tawa linja pi tenpo sin
 toki pona
musi pi ale ala (0)


Huevon 1825
tfurtado 1715
TapakaH41k 1698
LopSideEd 1692
owen1 1665
Beelzeboss 1656
pkr5025 1635
And 5 more



apheasant 1821
Piano-79 1756
abadan 1742
Rene1er 1708
probando 1704
Mersey34 1662
mas_ganas 1610
And 5 more


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